Competitions in Yaroslavl

Competitions in YaroslavlOpen swimming competitions in Yaroslavl with Seabike took place in the Lazurny pool on Saturday November 30th. Athletes from the cities of Yaroslavl, Rybinsk and Moscow participated. The age difference of some participants reached 47 years! Everyone performed more than worthy, once again proving in practice that everyone can master the Seabike!
Athletes competed in two disciplines: SEABIKE SNORKELING SPRINT (SBS) - 200 m and SEABIKE DIVING 20 bar (SBD-20 bar).
In the SBS-200 discipline, Evgeny Khabarov of Rybinsk won with a score of 2:02:41 (of course, this is minutes!))). Second place went to Yaroslavl Alexei Butylkin with a time of 2:10:03. The third place again went to Rybinsk. With a result of 2:10:34 it was occupied by Evgeny Ostrovsky. The difference between the second and third is only a few milliseconds !!
In the SBD-20 bar discipline, Aleksei Lukianov set a new record in the history of swimming with Seabike! The distance is 565 meters!
The previous record was set in May 2019 in St. Petersburg by Daniel Coetzer, when our head coach of the Seabike school sailed 550 m! This time he repeated his result, but now came second. The "playing coach") of our school, Alexey Slapovsky, with a score of 400 m, also became a bronze medalist in this discipline.
Thanks to all the participants!

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