Credit purchase

Why buy on credit?

  • • You can buy the necessary thing at once, without delay months money
  • • You become affordable virtually any model of home appliances

What you need to get a loan from the online store

  • • Russian passport
  • • Permit in the regions where the bank
  • • Profile (a document containing information about the Buyer and the goods that are purchased using credits)

How to obtain a loan?

  • • You are building your own internet store. Using a calculator, lending in the basket, you can choose the most convenient for you loan
  • • Bank for consideration of your application should be sent to the address of a completed application form and a copy of the passport in electronic format (jpg, gif, bmp): the main page and the data on registration (residence permit, page 4 and 5). Have a copy of the passport is mandatory. In the subject line indicate the order number

The questionnaire is available on our website link

About the Bank for credit online

  • • The Bank accepts credit decision (it usually happens during the day). Upon receipt from the Bank loan solutions online store operator informs you about the credit decision and specifies the date and time of delivery
  • • At the time of delivery you must present the original Russian passport data of which you reported in the questionnaire. Forwarder can provide for you dooformleniya Questionnaire and Statement. Documents must sign and deliver to the Forwarder
  • • Next you make an initial payment on the loan and take away your purchase, paid by the Bank
  • • You repay this loan according to the terms of the contract with the Bank

How to pay the loan?

You can pay the loan in several ways. Make monthly payments you can through:
  • • Russian Post Offices (postal order form will be included in the loan documents)
  • • terminals (you need an account that is specified in the payment schedule)
  • • Russian banks (you will need the details of the Bank, which is also indicated in the payment schedule)
  • • credit - cash bank offices
  • • accounting (and writing a statement giving details of the Bank)

Attention! Making loan payments in retail stores may ActiveLife

Loans provided by banks-partners only to individuals in the presence of a permanent or temporary registration (depending on the requirements of the lender) in the region of the Bank.

If you have difficulty in choosing stocks, you can get information, ask an expert or by calling the credit counselor toll-free at 8-800-100-90-22. Calls are accepted on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00

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