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Active kids are happy kids!

Every parent knows this - this is why parents want to make sure their kids’ activities are as diverse as possible and create a comfortable environment for physical development. So, how can you make swimming even more interesting and appealing to your child?

We have created a kids’ set - suitable even for complete beginners. The set consists of a SEABIKE water bike, a lightweight inflatable children's board with a pump, and a bag for transportation and storage.
The design of the SEABIKE, a portable water bike, is so simple that even a child can figure it out - anyone can assemble, disassemble, and attach it to the belt, which is also included in the set. The bike is equipped with a mechanical drive, so it does not need to be charged - it is always ready to go.
Normally, it does not take long for a child to get tired of swimming, with or without fins. However, with the SEABIKE, all they need to do is pedal, effortlessly moving in fresh or salt waters without having to use their hands. This inventive technology developed by engineers will appeal to young sea enthusiasts because now, their swimming speed can reach up to 2.2 m/s.
The inflatable board has a special mount that secures the SEABIKE, as well as a snorkeling viewing window to observe everything that happens under the water. If your young explorer wants to take a breather, they do not need to swim to the shore to rest - they can just stay in the water and use the board as support.
The SEABIKE kids’ set will make any teenager's vacation on the lake or sea exciting and different. You can organize a fun yet safe sea treasure hunt, a water race, or explore the underwater world - your child will definitely remember these summer adventures for a long time. Our set is perfect for those who can swim well, as well as for children who are not very confident being in the water. The inflatable board provides decent support, while the pedal bike does not require nearly as much effort as fins, making it easy to cover even long distances.
The SEABIKE is made of durable, reliable materials.

The technical characteristics of the SEABIKE ensure easy transportation and make it maneuverable for swimming:
model weight - 2.6 kg;
package dimensions - 550 x 170 x 170 mm.

General technical characteristics of the whole set:
weight - 4.6 kg;
transportation dimensions - 640 x 350 x 260 mm.

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