SEABIKE 2.0 portable water bike

SEABIKE 2.0 portable water bike



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Want to swim across the lake without getting exhausted or arrange a competition with friends at sea?

With SEABIKE, anyone can do it in a new way! 

The original mechanism, developed by best engineers, is designed to make water recreation with friends or family even more fun and memorable. 

After all, nothing brings people together like experiencing new activities and vivid emotions. 

SEABIKE is a portable water bike that is attached to the belt (included with the transport bag). Pedaling it helps you travel across long distances in freshwater and saltwater alike. 

We manufacture SEABIKE in two variations so that every person can choose a comfortable option for themselves.  

All models are made of durable, reliable materials.

Model weight - 2.6 kg

Package dimensions - 550 x 170 x 170 mm 

ManufacturerLLC SEABIKE

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