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It's easy:
you pedal, and the propeller spins
Seabike attaches to the body with a belt and gives complete freedom of movement
and vision

For traveling light

Weight 2,5 kg
and portable design
Mechanical drive, no charging required

No more limits

Without equipment
0,72 km/h
0,2 m/s
2,16 km/h
0,6 m/s
4,2 km/h
1,2 m/s

We paid attention to every detail

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Swimming with a water bike is now more convenient than ever before!
SeaBike Pro will help you spice up your waterside holidays with family and friends — adjust the
bike right in the water to enjoy more comfortable swimming in a wetsuit, when snorkeling, and
even in diving gear.
Experienced engineers have made sure SeaBike Pro is easy to use and transport. It will be a
great supplement to your seaside vacation or yacht trip.
SeaBike Pro is a portable water bike that allows you to quickly cover large distances in fresh
and salt water. It attaches to your belt and speeds up your movement as you pedal.
SeaBike Pro is an improved version of SeaBike 2.0. It differs from the latter in a reduced
pontoon diameter, which makes the bike more compact and convenient while retaining other
characteristics. The bolts used to adjust the frame are captive, which means they can't be lost
even if you tweak the length in the water.
Unlike SeaBike 2.0, this model has a quick-release propellor, so it is easy to remove and mount.
No additional tools are needed to secure it.
The bike comes with 650g of ballast weight so that you can customize its buoyancy for different
tasks, such as swimming in a wetsuit, diving, or snorkeling in saltwater.
SeaBike Pro boasts a simple design — even a child can assemble and disassemble it. And you
will always find a place for it in the car thanks to its compact size and light weight.
The bike has a mechanical drive, so it doesn’t need to be charged. It’s ready to use at any time.
The set includes a water bike, an ergonomic belt, a bag, a pontoon, and a frame-mountable
ballast weight (650 g).
Weight: 2.1 kg.
Reduction drive: 65 mm.


Seabike Premium We’ve got a unique gift idea for you! How do you impress a person who seems to have everything? Amaze them with a SeaBike Premium water bike — few people have ever received such a gift! SeaBike Premium will turn your seaside vacation into an exciting adventure that will be a lifelong memory. SeaBike Premium is a portable water bike that allows you to quickly cover long distances in fresh and saltwater. Just fasten the bike to your waist with an ergonomic belt and pedal while swimming — and voila! You’ll have reached your destination in the blink of an eye. SeaBike Premium stands out for its light gear design and titanium connecting rods and shaft. This makes the bike reliable while remaining compact and lightweight. It does not take up much space in a car, and it is always convenient to take with you. The bike’s propeller is made quick-release: it does not have to be tightened, and you can remove and put it back in one movement. The overall design is also simple, so even a child can assemble and disassemble the bike. SeaBike uses a mechanical drive, which does not require charging and is ready for use at any time. The bike is packed into a classy gift box, relieving you from the hassle of wrapping it while delivering maximum pleasure to you and your loved ones. Characteristics The set includes a bike, an ergonomic belt, a ballast weight, a bag, and a gift box. Weight — 1.9 kg. Speed — 2.2 m/s, 4.27 knots. Reduction drive — 60 mm.

SEABIKE 2.0 portable water bike

Want to swim across the lake without getting exhausted or arrange a competition with friends at sea?

With SEABIKE, anyone can do it in a new way! 

The original mechanism, developed by best engineers, is designed to make water recreation with friends or family even more fun and memorable. 

After all, nothing brings people together like experiencing new activities and vivid emotions. 

SEABIKE is a portable water bike that is attached to the belt (included with the transport bag). Pedaling it helps you travel across long distances in freshwater and saltwater alike. 

We manufacture SEABIKE in two variations so that every person can choose a comfortable option for themselves.  

All models are made of durable, reliable materials.

Model weight - 2.6 kg

Package dimensions - 550 x 170 x 170 mm 

Warranty and customer service

SEABIKE pays special attention to the quality of its client service and is continuously improving it

SEABIKE Сannes Club @Showroom

Seabike is a unique gift

For those who love sports and are eager to try something new. Energize your swimming and allow yourself an incredible feeling of free flight.


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Interestingly, I have only positive impressions about the seabike. Every swim is a victory — a victory over oneself, and every failure is a path to success and experience! If you haven’t swum with a seabike yet, be sure to do it!


I’ve tried it!

Absolutely thrilling!


I think that Seabike is a revolution in scuba diving and potentially — as time will show — a new type of sports.

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