Seabike — is an original gift.
For those who respect sports and are not afraid to try anything new. Give energy and an indescribable feeling of free flight.
To whom you can present it
To your friend
To your spouse
To a man
To a director
To a sports fan

Want to give your friend a truly unusual gift? Water bike SeaBike will turn your friend’s rest on the water into an amazing adventure! Present him/her a SeaBike and he\she will want to spend as much time on the water as possible!

Are you tired of giving standard gifts that will collect dust at home? There is an original and very interesting solution especially for such situations: a water bike! These unusual sports simulator will allow a birthday person feel like a duck to water, in the truest sense of the word; to move faster than a swimmer with flippers and almost effortlessly sail such distances that he/she previously could not even think about.
It is very important for every man to be able to relax ... Sport, especially sailing, will help him ... and the use of such an unusual device as a water bike. Just give him the opportunity to travel long distances and do it with pleasure ... to feel his delight and gratitude!
What can you present to a manager who is going on vacation at sea? Present him the opportunity to receive a powerful charge of adrenaline every time he is on the water! Thanks to SeaBike, he will remember you with gratitude every time he uses it!
If a person to whom you choose a gift loves sports (and, in particular, cycling), then he/she will surely enjoy the SeaBike water bike. Just imagine: he/she pedals like a regular bicycle, discovering new and unexplored facets of water rest and feeling the free flight. It is hard to resist not leaving such a gift to yourself!
Travel a distance of several kilometers with a moderate expenditure of power, save the air in the balloon. You can sail in the sea and in fresh water.
2,8 kg
Nominal speed
1 m/s
Max speed
2,2 m/s
Packing size
46×15×15 cm
Height adjustment
SEABIKE is regulated to a different height from 155 cm to 195 cm.
Height adjustment
SEABIKE is disassembled and stored or transported in a small 46 × 15 × 15 cm bag, it is convenient to take in hand luggage